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Optimization in Function Space

@JKU Linz, winter term 2020/21


Lectures are prerecorded for now, starting from Lecture 2 (October 13).

The username is "optfunc", the password is the passphrase also used for the BigBlueButton room sent by eMail.

Please note that these lecture notes are preliminary and subject to change, although I do not plan to do radical changes.


  1. Exercise sheet #1 (solutions)
  2. Exercise sheet #2 (solutions)
  3. Exercise sheet #3 (solutions)
  4. Exercise sheet #4 (solutions)
  5. Exercise sheet #5 (solutions)

Working on the exercises is strongly recommended for a better understanding and "hands-on" experience. Please work on the exercises and we can talk about and clarify questions in the BigBlueButton room, weekly Thursday, 15:30-16:15.

BigBlueButton (BB) room

Instead of meeting in person, I will be available in the BigBlueButton room during the original lecture time slot, every Tuesday, 9:00-10:00 for questions. (You can also ask about the exercises there if you like.)

Oral exams:

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